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EPS MOLDING | expanded polystyrene

EPS Molding?

We love to go the extra mile and give that unique design element that our clients are looking for. To do this we use an EPS foam that is extremely lightweight and durable. Its versatile, allowing us to mould it into complex and diverse shapes but also adds an insulating factor, similar to our EIFS system. The EPS foam comes in a wide array of options, prefabricated based on your selection. From window sills to building columns, we are able to provide that enhanced profile to your exterior.


\\ Bands                \\ Sills

\\ Columns             \\ Cornices

\\ Trims                  \\ Pilasters 

Our Molding Process

We install our EPS Molding exactly the same way we would install our EIFS system. ​For a visual idea of what the cross-sectional layers in the system would look like, please refer to our EIFS section.  

\\ EPS Molding comes prefabricated with base coat.

\\ Bind EPS Molding to building EIFS base coat.

\\ Apply acrylic finish.

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